You can upload your own content and have it automatically converted to audio and pinyin. Click on Upload to go to the Upload Article page, as shown in screenshot below:

Enter an article title (field cannot be empty).

[Article Formatting Bar]
This function bar allows you to access the following functions when you are entering the text to be uploaded: undo, redo, find, replace, select all, remove formatting, bold, italicise, underline, strike-through, subscript and superscript.

[Article Content]
This is where you enter (or paste) the article content (field cannot be empty).

You can add any remarks concerning the article here.

[Reading Voice]
Select a male or female reading voice for the audio playback.

[Reading Speed]
Select the audio narration speed of "Slow", "Normal", "Fast".

[Find Level]
Click on the Evaluate button to let our system determine the level of difficulty of the article you have uploaded. Characters that have not been taught or not commonly used for that evaluated level are highlighted in "red".

Choose an icon to identify the article you have uploaded. If no icon is chosen, the default icon in your personal settings will be used.

Click the Submit button to upload the article for processing.

Click the Cancel button to return to the My Articles page.