You may add friends in NewsTalk. What this means is that you will be able to see whatever content your NewstTalk friend has uploaded. This allows "study groups" to be formed within NewsTalk so that different users can learn together using shared content.

Click on the "My Friends" menu link to go to "My Friends" page. Click on the "Add Friends" button and a pop-up will appear to allow you to search and add a friend, as shown below:

[User ID]
Specify the User ID of the friend you wish to add.

[Add Immediately]
Click this button to add the friend. You will only be able to see the content feed from the friend after your friend request is accepted. If the User ID is invalid or does not exist, you will get a prompt. If the User ID specified has already been added as your friend, you will also get a prompt.

Click this link to close the "Add Friend" pop-up.

[ ]
Click this icon to remove a friend from your "Friends" list.

[Articles Read]
Shows the number of articles your friend has read.

[Articles Uploaded]
Shows the number of articles your friend has uploaded.

Shows the number of friends your friend has.

[Friends Articles]
Shows the number of articles that your friend's own friends have uploaded.

[Send Message]
Click on this link to send a message to your friend. A pop up will appear to allow you to enter your message before sending. Click the Send Message button at the bottom of the page to send messages to all friends.

[Page Numbers]
Click on the page number to jump to the desired page.