• Learn from content that suits your interests and level; choose from thousands of articles, ranging from current affairs to thoughtful essays, from business to sports news.
  • Because the content is drawn from daily life, the vocabulary you acquire is practical and relevant.
  • NewsTalk equips you not only with language skills but also the knowledge of developments in the Chinese-speaking world to communicate confidently.
  • Practice at your own pace, without pressure, using technology that evaluates your performance in real-time.
  • Tap on a host of useful tools, including audio streaming and downloads, keyword translations, annotations and hanyu pinyin mouseovers.
  • You can even upload your own content to practice, using the tools in NewsTalk!

NewsTalk is designed to help users improve their Mandarin in an engaging, interactive and relevant manner.

Language experts have noted the importance of using "engaging methods and materials to enthuse the students" (Chinese Language Curriculum and Pedagogy Review Committee, 2008). There is consensus that "language is best learnt when students are taught to use the language in an active and interactive manner in real–life settings" (Mother Tongue Language Review Committee, 2011).

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